Nanotechnology Reading List

From FTF 3/8/2022 shared by @Tony Garcia

Intra Body nano network:

Dr. Rob Verkerk PhD:

La Quinta Columna confirms what’s in jab:

Geordie Rose Dwave Quantum computers:

Nano tech images:

Nanotech New Zealand:

Dr. Eduardo yahbes:

White mystery clots:

UK criminal case:

Graphene oxide and microtechnology confirmed:

Graphene oxide and Nanotech found Argentina:

Funeral director John O’Looney:

Dr. Jose Luis Gettor ethylene oxide and graphene oxide in DARPA hydrogel swabs

Supreme Court case cDNA patent

Pfizer headquarters NYC:

How to detox:

Parasites in jab:

Raining nano tech and detoxing with anti nano bucket: IT’S RAINING NANO TECH WITH TONY AND FIONA- A MUST WATCH!

How to build anti nano bucket:

Parasites to fight biological weapons:

PCR test glows in the dark:

PCR test contains darpa hydrogel and lithium Slovakia:

Pfizer documents:

Pcr test:



The truth about spike proteins:

Luciferase, hydrogel, Mark of the beast:

Graphene, aluminum, parasites in jab:

Dr. Tenpenny The top 10 ways the jab will affect you:

Graphene reacting to EMF:

US patent 11107588B2:

US patent WO202060606A1:

Remove graphene from the body:

Summary of hydrogel and quantum nanotechnology:

Ivermectin conspiracy revealed hydrogel:

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